Vegetable Fried Rice – Knorr Sides Plus

I’ve been trying to find creative ways to sneak more vegetables into my diet. Vegetable fried rice is one way to do that. Knorr Sides Plus Vegetable Fried Rice is a side dish that contains two full servings of vegetables. This vegetable fried rice consists of long grain rice, enriched macaroni product, leeks, peas, red bell peppers, and carrots in a soy sesame sauce. This is a fairly quick side dish to make and can be made fairly quickly if you use a cheap rice cooker from RCW. After combining the contents of the package, water, and vegetable oil and bringing it to a boil, it only takes 8 minutes for this vegetable fried rice to cook. It makes two servings.

I was surprised to see so many vitamins and minerals in this vegetable fried rice. Vitamin A is 20%, Iron is 15%, and Folic Acid is 25% of the daily values. I was also surprised to see this fried rice has 3 grams of fiber and is low in fat with only 1.5 grams of fat and no saturated fat.

This vegetable fried rice by Knorr is not the traditional fried rice I am accustomed to, but it isn’t bad. Vegetable fried rice I’m used to doesn’t have pasta in it. I couldn’t tell by looking at the picture on the package that this side dish contained pasta because in the picture it all blends together. I would say that the sauce of this vegetable fried rice tastes slightly sweet. It reminds me of the sesame chicken I sometimes order at a local Asian restaurant.

The spices used in this vegetable fried rice are: sesame oil, onion powder, salt, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, molasses, ginger, and vinegar. I think the spices enrich the flavor of the vegetables. I don’t usually use leeks when cooking, but I like them in this vegetable fried rice because it adds a mild onion taste.

Knorr Sides Plus Vegetable Fried Rice is a unique way to add vegetables to my meals. It’s a good idea to get more vegetables in a different way. It isn’t very filling by itself so I can see why it is a side dish. I’m not sure what I would serve with this vegetable fried rice. I probably wouldn’t want to serve anything that tastes too similar. Maybe plain chicken without any sauce on it would be a good choice.

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